John Clifford

Our main hall (the 'John Clifford Hall') is a large space with plenty of stacking chairs and folding tables.  It is suitable for dance classes, family parties, worship events and club meetings.  There is a small kitchenette for making hot drinks and toilet facilities, including for the disabled, can be found in the vestibule area. 


Our Sanctuary is most suitable for weddings, marriage blessings, worship events or concerts.  Seating well over 200 people, it is one of the most striking worship spaces in Sutton.  The space at the front has movable furniture so the area can be adapted for your requirements.  A space at the back has coffee tables and room to mingle before and after your event. 

Fletcher Moorshead

We also have a smaller hall (the 'Fletcher-Moorshead Hall').  This too is provided with stacking chairs and folding tables and is suitable for dance classes, family parties, smaller worship events, etc.  The hall is connected to a more substantial kitchen with catering quality ovens, warmers, etc.


A church is first of all a family of people who worship God.  

To offer God our worship, our thanks, and our love is the basis on which everything else is built.

21 Cheam Road,

Sutton - SM1 1SN

Registered Charity 1130589521


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