Terms and Conditions for lettings at Sutton Baptist Church

  1. The hirer must not sublet to another party.

  2.  Car Parking: - 

    1. Permission to use the church car park is not included in the letting.  However, at the discretion of the Lettings Officer, the hirer’s main organiser may park.  

    2. Double parking and parking in the hatched area, which protects access to the front of the building, must be discouraged.

    3. It is the main organiser’s responsibility to control their attendee’s use of the car park and to keep it accessible.

    4. There is street parking close by in Grove Road and there is a multi-storey car park in Gibson Road.

  3. The premises must be left in good order and cleared of litter and spilt food.  Where chairs and tables have been used these should be cleaned, cleared and stacked at the sides of the hall unless otherwise requested.

  4. The washrooms too, including lavatories and sinks, must be left clean and the floors free of litter.

  5. Please ensure that all windows and doors are closed and locked on departure.

  6. No preparations are to be applied to the hall floors.

  7. If the kitchens have been used, all work surfaces, floors, utensils, crockery, coffee machines and cookers must be cleaned.  If you wish to use the commercial dishwasher then you must be instructed in its use, particularly with regard to emptying the water after the final wash.  There may be an additional charge for the use of kitchens and equipment.

  8. No intoxicants may be brought on to or consumed on the premises.

  9. If you wish to provide entertainment to which the public is invited then, provided it is to be held in the Sanctuary (the main church building), there will be no need to apply for a licence.  If other halls are to be used for this purpose then there may be a liability.

  10. If you need to move the organ console, communion table, a piano or any heavy furniture, then this must be done under the supervision of the Lettings Officer or his deputy.

  11. No letting shall continue beyond 10:30pm except with the consent of the Lettings Officer.

  12. Smoking is not allowed inside the premises.

  13. No livestock may be brought on to the premises except guide dogs.

  14. The Lettings Officer reserves the right to cancel a letting if the premises are required for church purposes.

  15. Hirers will only have access to the particular rooms let to them and the adjacent washrooms.

  16. Sutton Baptist Church has insurance cover for hirers of the premises to cover the hirer’s third party liability.  The hirer should also have his/her own insurance cover for their activity or event and they should carry out a risk assessment to minimise the likelihood of an accident.

  17. If the activity includes children then the hirer should ensure that he/she complies with child protection legislation.

  18. For long term lettings, payment is due at the end of each calendar month in which rooms are hired.  One off lettings must be paid for in advance.